Who is Mike Wilbury?

Not so easy to answer! I have been part of the German based Tribute Band The Silver Beatles and the International Beatles Shows She Loves You, Beatlemania, Come Together, and Yesterday, touring Germany, the UK and other European countries. Furthermore, I was responsible for the Live Video Productions for some of our shows.

In 2005, when we launched the John Lennon Tribute Show Come Together in the UK, our booking agent was concerned about my German name (Michael Doering) and he suggested to find myself an 'artist name'. That's the reason for the 'Mike Wilbury' alias. I used the name ever since for all my official releases.

Some of my other projects: When my own daughters were young, I started to produce high quality music for children in order to teach them English with the power of music. Ian Watts and Rick Benbow from the UK helped me to achieve the quality I had in mind. In 2008, it was Ian's idea to invite all his fellow musicians in his studio in Nottingham, England, to record the most ambitious Nursery Rhymes Collection ever. Throughout the years we recorded 280 traditional Nursery Rhymes and created new songs for children: The Nursery Rhymes Collection.

Today, I'm part of a small producers' network YourSoundTube, along with Rick Benbow and my daughter Sina who is running one of the most successful drum channels on YouTube (635,000 subscribers as per May 2019)

Check out Sina's homepage to learn more: Sina Drums

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