Who is Mike Wilbury?

Not easy to say! I have been part of the German based Tribute Band "The Silver Beatles" and International Beatles Shows "She Loves You", "Beatlemania" and "Come Together" between 1999 and 2008, touring Germany, the UK and other European countries. Furthermore I looked after and ran the Live Video for our shows, not just for the Silver Beatles but for other shows too.

Some of my projects: Some time ago I started to produce high quality music for kids in order to teach them English with the power of music. Ian Watts, my musical partner since 2003, helped me to achieve the quality I had in mind. In 2008 it was Ians idea to invite all his fellow musicians in his high profile recording studio to record the most ambitious Nursery Rhymes Collection ever.
Throughout the years we recorded 280 traditional Nursery Rhymes and created new songs for children: The Nursery Rhymes Collection.

Around the same time I started to run a website explaining musical instruments to children, show how they look, how they sound ...

I also produced quite a few "regular albums" and I enjoy especially working with young talents. E.g. with a band of brothers who were only 11, 12 and 13 years old when I started working with them. I produced an original album with the lads and they were signed by Sony Music Germany. Check this out: lalala wird 3A

Recently I started touring again with The Silver Beatles - after a 6 year break. Whenever I find the time I support my daughter Sina with her drumming career. She is running a successful Drumming Channel on YouTube (18,000 subscribers and counting) and she is just about to release an original album. Check out Sina's homepage to learn more: Sina Drums

The video shows some different faces of Mike Wilbury. Don't take it too serious!

Mike Wilbury - 3 Chicks from Mike Wilbury on Vimeo.

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